What are the world’s largest food and dry fruit exhibitions?

What are the world’s largest food and dry fruit exhibitions?

A short article from KALMAND group’s export team


One of the most basic ways to communicate with customers and find suitable suppliers is to participate in exhibitions.

Exhibitions are generally divided into two parts: domestic exhibitions and international exhibitions.

In this article prepared by the Kalmand Group team, we intend to mention the biggest international events in the field of food and dry fruits.

As you know, Iran is one of the largest producers of dry fruits and NUTS in the world. Iran is the second largest producer of pistachios in the world. China, India, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan; Pakistan and Russia are big customers of Iranian pistachios.

Other dried fruits produced in Iran include different types of dates, saffron, raisins, barberries, figs, seeds, peanuts, sesame and almonds.

The product development strategy has led to the creation of new products in the field of dried fruits, and it is these dried fruits that have created a good market and have their fans. Dried apple, dried orange, dried onion, dried tomato and dried kiwi are the main ones. Mango, pineapple and dried banana are other dried fruits.

Due to its special geographical location, i.e. the presence of two land masses on the right and left sides, access to open waters in the south and the presence of the Caspian Sea in the north, and its location in the middle of the important region of the Middle East, Iran is a good passage for the transfer and international transportation of goods.

The transfer of food products produced in warm southern countries such as India and its transfer to cold northern countries like Russia can be easily done through Iran.

Also, Iran is a country with different climates and the presence of four seasons in a year has made it produce and supply all kinds of plants, vegetables, dried fruits and food to the world.

So if you are looking to supply dry fruits and food for your company and organization, don’t forget Iran.

Kalmand Group, as one of the key food suppliers in Iran and the Middle East, as well as having export specialists, can provide you with appropriate solutions.


Now we will mention the most important food exhibitions in the world:



1-ANUGA International Exhibition

This exhibition is held every two years. Its center is Germany and the city of Cologne. The existence of a space with 280,000 square meters, the presence of buyers and suppliers from 190 countries, more than 160,000 exhibition visitors and the presence of more than 7,000 exhibitors have made this exhibition highly attractive.


2-Gulfood international exhibition

Gulfood exhibition is the world’s largest exhibition in the field of food and beverages, which will be held on February 20-24, 2023, corresponding to March 1-5, 1401. Gulfood Dubai Exhibition is a prestigious international exhibition in the field of food products and beverages, which is held every year in the city of Dubai and in the World Trade Center. You can attend this exhibition as a participant or even a visitor and benefit from its benefits

3-Sial International Exhibition

The SIAL exhibition is a global food exhibition that is held every two years in the city of Paris and deals exclusively with the food industry and its related products, from raw materials to finished and cooked products ready to be presented in the market. The exhibition will be held in Villepinte Exhibition Park located in the north of Paris.

This exhibition is also held in other cities of the world such as Shanghai.

4-World Food International Exhibition

It is one of the biggest food events in the world, which is held in Moscow, Russia. Moscow food industry exhibition is a great opportunity to promote new products in the Russian market. This exhibition and presentation of products is a good place to make connections, an opportunity to meet customers and a possibility to exchange experiences with Russian people.

5-INC event

 INC is definitely the most important dry fruit and dried fruit conference in the world, which hosts the largest and most reliable food companies active in this field.

The World Nut and Nut Congress is held annually in May and is open to anyone in the nut and nut industry. It is the largest international gathering of food professionals, suppliers, traders and buyers dedicated to the nuts and dried fruit trade.

The head office of the organizer of this event is in Spain, but the venue of the event is held in different countries every year, the last of which was held last year in Dubai.

By attending this conference, the members of this event can identify effective people in their field of activity in other countries and establish effective communication with them.

Preparation and arrangement: Milad Bashizadeh

Export manager of dry fruits and foodstuff of Kalmand group

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