What are the most important safety exhibitions in the Middle East ?

What are the most important safety exhibitions in the Middle East ?
A short article from Kalmand export team

Exhibitions are one of the most important centers of supply and display of manufacturers’ products. Exhibitions are divided into two main parts: domestic exhibitions and international exhibitions.
In any industry you operate in, don’t miss attending exhibitions related to your industry! You don’t have to be an exhibitor! But your presence as a visitor can introduce you to the latest market trends so that you can get to know your colleagues and competitors better and get to know their products.
Kalmand Business Group is one of the key manufacturers and suppliers of personal protection safety products in Iran.
The main products include: all kinds of safety shoes, work clothes, safety gloves, boots, safety headphones, medical, chemical and dust masks, helmets, safety glasses and equipment for working at heights.
In the world of safety, these equipments are called PPE for short, which is an abbreviation of personal protective equipment.

Kalmand Group’s safety equipment is produced in Iran by its safety unit called “Milad Safety Group”. The website of this group is at the following address :
Kalmand Group is a fully professional and specialized group in the field of production and supply of HSE products in Iran and the Middle East
With experienced and expert members, we have focused on providing comprehensive services with the highest quality (TQM)
Strategic relationship with more than 50 domestic and foreign reputable brands is a step to achieve the goals of this collection.
Our goal is to provide special, different and competitive services to create a safer environment to combine the profitability of entrepreneurs with peace of mind.
Kalmand Business Group hopes to be a safe and leading cooperation to solve the needs of industries and people with comprehensive scientific development of HSE products and services.
Safety products have a wide range. Personal protection equipment, fire alarm and extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers, CCTV cameras and remote control systems, barricades, smart home systems and some military and security equipment. Find out at safety fairs.
Safety equipment is not only physical products! Companies providing antivirus software are also considered security companies
Safety and security are the words of exhibitions of this industry. Now we will mention the introduction of some safety and security exhibitions in the Middle East and Asia

Abu Dhabi National Security and Resilience Exhibition (ISNR)

The Abu Dhabi National Security and Resilience Exhibition (ISNR) is the most important international exhibition for national security and resilience in the Middle East and North Africa region. This event is definitely considered an international position in security and defense industries and equipment, in order to gather governments, businessmen and owners of innovations in this industry under one roof. The Abu Dhabi National Security Exhibition enables national and regional governments to obtain new technology resources and training on new strategies for preparing security agencies to deal with and recover in dangerous situations, and information and training on security issues and emergency services. update their The Abu Dhabi National Resilience Exhibition, in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Internal Affairs, brings together local, regional and international experts in the field of security and accident prevention, management and compensation.

Istanbul security and safety equipment exhibition (ISAF)

It will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul Security and Safety Equipment Exhibition (ISAF) is the most prestigious event in the field of safety, fire fighting, workplace safety, smart buildings and cyber security. Istanbul security and safety equipment exhibition will be held in a space of over 9,000 square meters with the presence of more than 238 companies from Turkey and more than 123 international companies that will attract 17,400 regional and international visitors

Oman Safety, Security and Fire Exposition (OFSEC)

It is held in Muscat, Oman. Oman Safety, Security and Fire Exposition (OFSEC) is an excellent platform that showcases new technologies, superior innovations, cost-effective products and services in the fire and safety industry.


Dubai Safety and Security Exhibition (Intersec)

It will be held from 27 to 29 January 1401 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Safety and Security Exhibition (Intersec) is a leading exhibition in the field of safety and security around the world. With more than 1,200 exhibitors, this exhibition is considered the largest exhibition in the safety and security industry

Exhibition of Russian security, protection and firefighting equipment and products

It will be held from 22 to 25 April 1402 in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition of security, protection and firefighting equipment and products in Russia is the largest exhibition of safety and security equipment in Russia. This exhibition is an opportunity to get acquainted with international markets and attract new customers, make more sales and develop your business in this field


East Africa Safety Exhibition in Kenya

Now in its fifth year, Securexpo East Africa has established its reputation as the unmissable industry event of the year for security, fire and safety professionals. Securexpo East Africa is the largest dedicated industry exhibition and conference, welcoming over 3,000 visitors, 100 exhibiting brands and with industry-leading educational conferences to inspire and share knowledge. This exhibition will be held in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya

If you want to know about other safety and personal protection equipment exhibitions in other countries of the world and when they will be held, the following links will help you a lot

Preparation and arrangement: Milad Bashizadeh

Kalmand Business Group export manager of safety equipment


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