What is Kalmand?

Kalmand is the name of an environmental protected area; Located in Yazd province.

This area, which is located 85 km from the city of Yazd in 1355 as a no-hunting area and on June 1, 1370; With the approval of the High Council of Environment; It is managed by the Environmental Protection Agency and declared a protected area.

The area of this area is about 250,000 hectares. The highest point is “Mazvar” mountain with a height of 3290 meters and the lowest; Mehdi Abad plateau is 1400 meters above sea level.

According to studies; 115 plant species have been identified in this area.

Kalmand due to the existence of heights; Hills and plains; It is a suitable habitat for all kinds of animal species.

In Kalmand Protected Area; 24 species of mammals have been identified, the most important of which are animals such as: Asian cheetah; Leopard; Caracal; Palace Cat; Is a deer and ….

Fortunately, despite the large number of settlements and agricultural wells in this area; This issue has not had much negative impact on the conservation process of these species, which is due to the support and empathy of the people; Rich culture and their deep knowledge of the importance of protecting these species.

Valuable product of pistachio; It is the main agricultural product of Kalmand region.

Kalmand values

Safety and quality

Kalmand’s goal

Creating the largest export network in the country; Based on fair trade; Relying on technical knowledge; Professional behavior and moral character in order to earn a halal living

Our mission

Becoming the top exporter of agricultural products in the country
Sustainable exports to 5 continents relying on the trust of loyal customers

Why Kalmand?

Power in production
Quality in processing
Speed in supply
Excellence in logistics
Adherence to values
Priority in safety
Environmental protection

Kalmand Trading Group is the result of the knowledge and efforts of a group of experts in the Kalmand region.

This complex is based on three generations of experience and more than 50 years of activity of “Bashizadeh” family in the field of production and processing of pistachios and nuts.

Kalmand started its activity by selling and exporting agricultural products produced in “Kalmand Protected Area”.

The main agricultural products produced in this region are pistachios; Pistachio kernels and their products.

By expanding the geographical scope of markets and increasing customer demand; Kalmand Group added other goods to its product portfolio and became an Export Management Company (EMC).

Kalmand Trading Group; By producing different spectra of pistachios in an area with a cultivated area of more than 500,000 square meters, it tries to use modern agricultural methods; Produce higher quality products with more health and safety and offer them to global markets.

We are a big manufacturer and that is why we can offer more reasonable prices to our buyers.

Possessing the latest technologies available in pistachio processing and performing all related services such as: sorting; Labeling; Packaging and … in an area of 10,000 square meters; Another advantage is the “Kalmand Group”.

One of the unique features of “Kalmand Group” is its proximity to pistachio production and processing centers and its location between Yazd and Kerman provinces; It is the largest pistachio production centers in Iran.
This particular geopolitical feature has led us to; From more and more powerful suppliers; Compare to competitors.

The good faith of farmers in maintaining and selling their products by “Kalmand Group” and creating a proper supply chain has led us to have several cold stores and warehouses to maintain products; To be able to supply the goods needed by customers throughout the year.

Located in the center of Iran and close to the main transportation artery of the country; Ie north-south corridor; It is one of the important logistical advantages of Kalmand region.

It is important that the time interval of transporting goods from this region to the capital of the country in the northern axis or the largest shipping port of the country in the southern axis; Both are the same size and approximately 6 hours.

Kalmand Social Responsibility:

We hope by allocating a portion of the profits from the sale of products and donating it to the Environment Organization; We can take an important step in conserving rare and wild species of animals living in the “Kalmand Protected Area”.
Kalmand Trading Group strives to provide goods and services in the best way and observe the level of standards and give the necessary advice to its customers; Provides international trading partners loyalty at the continent level.
We see sales as the beginning of a long-term commitment and relationship; Not the end of a deal!